£107 Worth of MySpace and Google Advertising

No such thing as a free lunch? Don’t you believe it!

For Pet Business Link members we have sourced $175(USD) of free, pay per click advertising on MySpace.com and Google.

If you are a Pet Business Link member, you can access these advertising vouchers with immediate effect and put them to work for you today, no delays.

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The Pet Business Link has sourced these fantastic pay per click vouchers for you to use at your leisure.

To claim your Google Adsense voucher:

1) Sign up for a NEW Adwords account (if you already have an AdSense account, this offer is for new Adwords accounts. Many people run more than one online advertising accounts so simply create an additional account with Adwords to benefit from the free clicks)

2) When asked to enter your voucher, use: 8ANP-N4J7-CJBJ-EZPL-SZ2

To claim your $75 MySpace Voucher:

1) Sign up for a NEW MySpace advertising account here:-

2) Enter voucher code: SHOE75

If you are an existing MySpace advertiser (even if you have signed up with the voucher code above, we have tested) you can add a $50 credit to your account by emailing myads@myspace.com and give them your account name (login), first and last name and tell them you were referred by ShoeMoney. The total value of these vouchers: $175 (£107).


We source these advertising offers from various marketing outlets in order to bring our members the latest deals and discounts being provided by the major online advertising networks.

If you have any problems at all redeeming the vouchers, please contact us and we will advise.

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