Analysis of UK Dog Training Companies

With the market for dog training said to be due for a prolonged period of consolidation to weed out over capacity and weakened competitors, keeping up with development for professional dog training enterprises will be vitally important. Whether you are looking for a dog training company to buy, thinking of selling your own dog training business or just keeping up with developments in the market, this special Industry Analysis will give you a new outlook on your market.

The dog training market – by Plimsoll Analysis, is designed to alert you to merger and acquisition activity and opportunities. There is an assessment on the following dog training companies listed below, plus:

* An individual valuation
* A full financial health assessment
* A breakdown of the board members and ownership structure
* A 10 point takeover attractive rating

Key Topics Covered:

Section 1: Best Trading Partners- the best in the industry

Section 2: Sales & Market Performance 2.1 Sales Growth 2.2 Sales Return on Total Assets

Section 3: Profitability 3.1 Gross profit 3.2 Pre-tax Profit Margin 3.3 Pre-tax profit plus directors fees 3.4 Pre-tax Profit Return on Total Assets

3.5 Profit Summary

Dog Training ndustry Analysis:

Each company in the industry analysed using the unique Plimsoll method. Every company is analysed, rated and valued over two pages, giving you a graphical appraisal of each company’s financial performance in an instant.

Companies Mentioned:

* A1k9 Ltd
* Little Brockhurst Farm Canine Centre Ltd
* Aldertree Gun Dogs Ltd
* Quintessential Quarters Ltd
* Amberco Canine Centres Ltd
* Royvon Dog Training Ltd
* Chiefglen K9 Training School Ltd
* Specialist Dog Services Ltd
* Dog Detectives Ltd
* Tweedshot Gun Dogs Ltd
* John Humphris Ltd
* Whitewall Kennels & Cat Hotel Ltd
* Kent K9 Ltd
* Witsend School For Dogs Ltd
* Kentgrange Leisure Ltd
* Wizard Of Paws Ltd

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