Are You Fully Invested in Digital Media Yet?

Imagine if you were one of those businesses who bet on digital media being a passing fad!

Take a look at this video (which is incredibly well done btw), showing some simply amazing figures related to digital media.

Is your business making the most of the digital revolution?

The pet industry is said to be booming, but smaller companies trying to capture the attention of increasingly discerning pet owning web-users are constantly fighting a battle against the big companies with their huge advertising budgets and massive brand recognition.

We ran a marketing campaign in August that produced several thousands in profits inside 4 hours. The total ‘audience’ for that campaign was just 254 people. Digital media allowed us to do that.

We’ll be using our campaign as a case study for a Pet Business Link tutorial so stay tuned!

(PS: Feel free to have your say on the video, personally I thought it was truly mind blowing how fast digital media has taken the world by storm)

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