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WHILE MY OWNERS ARE AWAY, IT’S MY TIME TO PLAY!!!!! Or IF ONLY I COULD FIND SOMEONE THAT LOVES AND UNDERSTANDS MY DOG AS MUCH AS I DO? As dedicated dog owners ourselves we COMMUNITY. RESOURCES. SAVE. GIVE…..WAG. is a network of like-minded animal-lovers who want to offer our pets the best quality of life possible. We are aware of the high cost of pet supplies on top of an unstable

Do you own a dog? If you answer yes to this question, then let me tell you about A Paw Print Journal and A Paw Print Disaster Recovery Booklet.

A Paw Print Journal is a place to store your entire dog’s history and will be providing you with the best option to keep all your records and memories. This journal is designed to

Online Pet Community Is a free site to join. Launched in November 2009, It offers members to show photos, videos & share funny stories with other pet owners across the world. There is a classifieds ads

Are You Barking Mad?!

If so, you’re just like us. We are Grooming Gorgeous, Sunbury-on-Thames’ premier dog grooming salon. Grooming Gorgeous is run by a local couple from Sunbury-on-Thames, Emma & Dean, under the watchful eye of Coco

A Touch Of Canine Class This Christmas

Dog lovers are straining at the leash to get their hands on a range of unique canine-themed Christmas decorations and gifts produced exclusively for Dogs in Art at the Stockbridge Gallery in Hampshire. The

Dog Royaltees + Twitter + Contests = Huge Success

The Twitter contests hosted by Dog Royaltees have brought huge success for the company in a small amount of time. Dog Royaltees first joined the Twitter community in July 2010 in hopes of opening

Fantastic Pet Portraits

If you are looking to immortalise your fluffy best friend in a valuable piece of art, then True Image can help. We create unique pet portraits. We can turn your favourite photographs into beautiful

Winter Fun with the Family Dog(s)

Does your dog pull you around by the leash when going for walks? Harness your dog and have fun instead! I’ll show you the basics of dog sledding so you can get started with

“The Ultimate in Professional Compassionate Pet Care”

Shannon’s Pet-Sitting takes responsibility for feeding, dog walking, cleaning up litter boxes and yards, changing cage paper, administering medication…and above all, spoiling your furry and feathered friends! Shannon’s Pet-Sitting provides care in the pet