As dedicated dog owners ourselves we have struggled to take a relaxing family break without the heartache caused by leaving our dog in someone else’s hands, be it kennels (which I have to say always sends a shudder down my spine), a friend’s house or family members there is always some form of guilt attached that we have either put too much responsibility on our ageing parents or taken up a very dear friends time that as we all know have very little of nowadays, to look after our beloved pets.

Well here at Board4Pets we understand that the solution to these problems is to find a loving, caring family that would really enjoy having your much loved dog around to enjoy just as we do in return for a small fee that would really help their family finances and enjoy the company of your pet within their household.

All of our boarders are dedicated to looking after your dog just as you would down to the last detail that are instructed to them by yourselves. We ask you to complete a Care Requirements form that has your dogs preferred feeding times, walking times and much loved activities so that your dog is kept in a routine just as they would be at home. We believe by keeping things structured your dog feels secure and safe and this in itself is what’s needed to reduce the amount of stress that is felt when pets are away from their owners and personal surroundings. We also ask you to bring along to their board any favourite toys, blankets, their own food and bowls and anything really that reminds them of the security they feel at home.

We can offer collection/delivery of your pet and all our vehicles are fitted with either cages or guards for safety. Our Pre Assignment meeting is encouraged too, just take along your dog to your boarder’s home to meet your potential boarder and vet their premises yourself.

Board4Pets boarders are regulated by our Local Authority and have been stringently checked by ourselves so that we can be sure that your dogs are very well cared for by people like ourselves that are passionate animal lovers. They have to adhere to being at home for most of the day, apart from 3 small hours per day to look after your dog and have also been CRB checked. All our boarders’ premises are allocated with First Aid kits and advice, just to be safe, and plenty of space for your dog to be comfortable. We do provide your pet with a personal ID tag to be worn at all times and we are contactable 24 hours a day.

As we all know we have a special bond with our dogs and we are confident that in time if your dog returns to the same Board4Pets boarder for future holidays then this will also become apparent.

We have our own local vetinary practice on hand for your peace of mind and also require your vetinary details, microchip numbers and inoculation details so that all will run smoothly. You can contact us at anytime or request to be contacted by ourselves about how your dog is enjoying their holiday as after all they are our “furry children” and we know how the first day at school for our children makes our belly’s flip so why should our dogs be different.

If you would like to speak to us about your dog’s needs then please visit our website, or alternatively call Sharon on 07525 096506 or Layla on 07595 908121. Our site is quite basic at the moment as we feel our time is best dedicated to ensuring your pet is very well cared for by matching them to boarders with breed experience and a family that will give them everything they need while you enjoy your time away, rather than the boring paperwork we endure.

We are at present working with pet owners in the Barnsley, south Yorkshire area but would love to expand so that we can offer our services to more people like you. We also understand that it is not just dogs that are cherished but small animals too like rabbits, hamsters and exotic pets and we are hoping to branch out into boarding these types of animals too but this takes time to make sure that all areas of this are perfected as we can’t help but be perfectionists and research does take time.
Thank you for reading this and we hope that Board4Pets will be your number one choice for your dog’s holiday today and in the future.

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