Can We Create Your Success?

Employing a creative services provider can be difficult to judge when you’re trying to run a business.

You can use a big name agency if you can afford the fees and can dedicate time attention to working briefs, focus groups and lots of presentations.

You can hire a freelancer and hope they have understood your business objectives effectively.

You can have a go yourself – how hard can it be?

Or you could lean on a company like K9 Media who employ top quality creative people to work on OUR own projects, who understand business objectives, who speak plain English and who will get the job done quickly, professionally and within a budget you can afford:


We employ designers who understand pet owners


From brochures, flyers, adverts, mailers and product literature, logos and graphics to full scale magazines, books and giant posters – we use them all, we create them all and we can do the same for you.

Not only is our print creative department fast and efficient we have an exceptional grasp of our client’s commercial needs – after all – we use creative for our own business so we can pass on our experience and skills for the benefit of yours.
Rescue Me – National Dog Adoption Month Poster


K9 Media’s experience in web site design, development and promotion is highly tuned, after all that’s what we do all day, every day for ourselves and our clients.

We’ve created hundreds of successful websites for the widest variety of clients, meeting the broadest selection of business objectives.

You can trust us to deliver over and above what you would get elsewhere because this is what WE do for OUR living.

Think about it: Whatever it is you have in mind for your website or web venture, we’ll have experience in that sector and can save you a fortune by giving you the benefit of our experience and expertise.

We’re far more than a design agency. We can help with the business plan, the marketing strategy and the overall success of your website regardless of its size or your budget.

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