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Pet Businesses: Getting Started With Twitter

Twitter is a service that is rapidly increasing in popularity. It is a cross between a social networking website and a micro-blog. With over 2 millions users, Twitter is becoming a popular way to

How I Buy Things

I, like most people, buy things every day. Again, like most people, I tend to find my purchases fall in to two categories: 1) The things I buy on autopilot, where I don’t even

Using Social Networks to Promote Pet Businesses

If you’ve been online any time between 2005 and now you can’t fail to have noticed the rise and rise of social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. As a pet

The Value Of One Way Links

One-way link is a term used among webmasters for link building methods. It is a hyperlink that points to a website without any reciprocal link; thus the link goes “one-way” in direction. It is