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That means every year there are at least [annualsearchvolume] people who are searching for the phrase [term] in just Google alone. That’s before you get to other search engines such as Bing and doesn’t even include all of the other variations of this search term.

[Keyword] is THE category defining domain name for this sector. It is an incredible marketing opportunity for any business owner seeking to attract any of the [annualsearchvolume] + people who are typing in [term] along with phrases such as:

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If the phrase [term] is relevant to your business then [Keyword] is quite simply the best domain in the industry.

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Our full proposition is outlined at the bottom of this page.  This is a unique, low cost marketing opportunity that will only come around once. Keep this domain out of the hands of your competitors.

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Could This Domain Name Give You an Unfair Competitive Advantage?

Google’s own head of search technology (Matt Cutts) has publicly admitted that exact match domains, such as [Keyword] rank higher than non exact match domains giving the owners of exact match domains an ‘unfair’ advantage.

We have looked at the rankings and weights that we give to keyword domains and some people have complained that we’re giving a little too much weight for keywords in the domain name.

Too much weight for keyword related domains? In business, taking advantage of opportunities to gain a competitive advantage is what separates super successful entrepreneurs from the herd.

3 Key reasons for owning the domain name [Keyword]

1. Premium exact match domains convey an immediate sense of trust and authority. They define the entire sector

2. Exact match domain names have been consistently proven to rank significantly higher in search engine result (SEE THE PROOF)

3. Think about this for a second: people who search for the keyword term [term] are as highly targeted as you’re ever likely to see. This type of visitor is worth a lot more to your business than casual browsers. The other way of looking at it, these customers are far better if they’re coming to your site rather than your competitor’s, right?

Some Crucial Facts About Exact Match Domain Names
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What's The Proposition?
This premium, sector defining domain name can be part of your online marketing mix today!

  • For the one time fee of just [price] you will be the owner of [Keyword]
  • We will handle all technical aspects on your behalf including set up and administration (you don’t have to do anything!)
  • We will create a stunning, mobile/tablet friendly website at [Keyword] with your business details & content (See an Example Site)
  • Alternatively, if you prefer we can simply forward [Keyword] so it takes visitors to your existing website
  • We will submit the site and guarantee its inclusion in Bing & Google within 10 days from date of set up
  • We will write and distribute a press release (guaranteed inclusion in Google News) promoting [Keyword]
  • We will create a professional promotional video for [Keyword] and distribute it on YouTube

You Get ALL of This For LESS Than The Cost of a Small Magazine Advert! It’s Yours, You Own it Forever & it Works!

If you would like to become the owner of [Keyword] simply submit your details below:

Note: Given the exclusive, one-of-a-kind nature of premium, exact match domain names, we operate a first come, first served approach. For each domain name promotion we run we make the offer available to more than one party. To claim [Keyword] don’t delay, submit the form above today and we will contact you to provide payment details.
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