Do you own a dog? If you answer yes to this question, then let me tell you about A Paw Print Journal and A Paw Print Disaster Recovery Booklet.

A Paw Print Journal is a place to store your entire dog’s history and will be providing you with the best option to keep all your records and memories. This journal is designed to engage the whole family in the process of raising a puppy and create long lasting memories. Beautifully designed large black and white graphics will provide children the opportunity to add their touch to the journal by coloring in the pictures. “Paw Print Journal is a lovely and heart-warming gift or keepsake for true animal lovers” this is what the BC SPCA Vancouver Branch, recently commented on their facebook page.
If you are concerned about what may happen to your dog during a major emergency then you need to have A Paw Print Disaster Recovery Booklet. This booklet will give you peace of mind; by storing important information into this booklet you can then place this booklet into your emergency response kits at home or the office. It is our belief that if these booklets would have been placed in emergency response kits during the recent disaster of Katrina that devastate New Orleans and left so many dogs unattended and frightened then having this information could have provided valuable information to rescue workers. The rescue workers would have been able to move the dog to an area that may not have been affected and able to reunited the families with their dogs. Can you find a good enough excuse not to have one of these booklets?
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