Do You Own a Top Pet Website?

If you do, why not have your pet website’s status confirmed as a top site by featuring it in K9 Media’s Top Pet Websites directory?

One of the great things about online advertising is how flexible and quantifiable it is.


If we say we own THE top pet websites directory, it’s only right and proper that we PROVE it, yes?

So here’s the experiment we’d like you to run.

Go to and type the search term ‘top pet websites‘ – Google should, in fact, recommend this search term once you’ve got to ‘top pet w…’. This means the search term in question is one that Google recognises as being performed on a regular basis.

If our claim is right, the site you should see in the no 1 (and no 2) position will be

top-pet-websites is just one of K9 Media’s 40+ pet related websites.

It is an exceptionally useful marketing directory if your aim is to boost the search engine visibility of your own website. The value of one-way in bound links can’t be overstated when you’re seeking to establish your site in a higher search position.

So what are we offering?

As you have now seen our site is no 1.

As you have now seen how important it is to have quality, industry relevant inbound links.

How would you like to save a whopping 88% on the listing fee?

That’s what we call a REAL discount.

It is, of course, available to our members-only!

All you need to do is join up and this discount is yours, instantly – along with a whole host of other pet business benefits.

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