Dog Royaltees + Twitter + Contests = Huge Success

The Twitter contests hosted by Dog Royaltees have brought huge success for the company in a small amount of time.

Dog Royaltees first joined the Twitter community in July 2010 in hopes of opening up communications with their customers. That first step through the social-networking door turned out to be a huge first step, and the company’s owner, Stephanie Frieze, couldn’t be happier with the results. “We’ve gained nearly 800 followers on the website in about 2 months which far exceeds the initial goals we put in place. We thought that people would join rather slowly, so we put together a promotional contest for followers on Twitter,” said Ms. Frieze. The contest was called the 300 Followers Twitter Contest, and the prize was a free custom dog t-shirt. The winner, Pepper from Michigan, was selected and pictures of Pepper wearing her new t-shirt are now posted on the Dog Royaltees website.

Dog Royaltees decided to follow-up the success of their first Twitter contest with another follower contest, only this time setting the bar higher at 1000 followers. “Hitting 1000 followers will be a significant achievement for the company, and my calculations are predicting that we will hit that goal within the next three weeks,” said Ms. Frieze.

“I have no doubt that the company’s exposure across the Twitter network is directly-linked to the increased traffic we have visiting our company’s webpage. We have customers ordering from well outside our local business area,” said Ms. Frieze. “Plus, Twitter has increased our connections with other companies and organizations inside the pet industry by over 400%.”

Dog Royaltees has announced plans to extend into several more social networks before the end of September.

Dog Royaltees
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