Rehomed 8,000th Dog

The UK’s number one dog adoption website, in association with natural nutrition experts from Butcher’s Pet Care, has recently helped rehome it’s 8000th dog.

The popular blog style website was proud to see Douglas, a 10 week old Whippet cross West Highland White Terrier who was in the care of Lizzie’s Barn Animal Rescue, place his paws in his new forever home.

Douglas was the last of an unwanted litter of pups handed into the rescue based in Kidwelly, West Wales. Douglas’ mum was a small whippety girl who was bought when she was just coming out of season. On being asked if she’d been mated or been near any un-neutered dog, her new owner was told “no”. Although it soon became apparent that this wasn’t strictly the truth. The only un-neutered dog she had been around also belonged to the man who sold her and he was a pure-bred West Highland White Terrier! So, Mum produced 5 puppies and her new owner kept them until they were 6 weeks old before handing them into rescue. Douglas was being fostered in a home in Bristol with other dogs, cat and children.

Douglas was listed on in early February and was quickly spotted by Tony and Susan Long. Tony said:

“Both my parents and I have always had a dog, so until I divorced about ten years ago I had never known life without one. Susan, on the other hand had never had a dog, only cats. One of the criteria when choosing a new pup was that he would get on all right with Susan’s cat, Jessica, who is very timid. Unfortunately, we still haven’t managed first introductions yet, after two weeks Jessica is still hiding upstairs under the bed.

Susan’s brother and his wife have two Whippets, which are lovely and between them they had persuaded Susan that she too wanted a dog, so after twisting my arm a bit (not too much) we Googled “dog for adoption” and up popped It was really easy to navigate through to find a suitable foster dog, and as soon as we saw the pictures of Douglas it was love at first sight.” understands that people looking for a new family member, often has a criteria in mind when searching for a dog. The dog adoption website has a clear and concise ’search by criteria’ option, where people browsing the site can find dogs who are suitable for living with children, other dogs or cats. There are many options to choose from and each dog listed has been advised by the rescue what would be the most suitable home. This match-making service allows dogs to be placed in homes that best suit their needs. firmly believes that your ideal dog may not necessarily be in a rescue centre close to where you live, but hopes to highlight dogs looking for homes in all areas of the UK. Over 90% of the rescues listed on are happy to rehome their dogs to all areas of the UK, providing that a home check can be carried out.

Douglas is now parading the parks in Brentwood, Essex and Tony and Susan were more than happy to travel across the country to Bristol to meet their new family member.

“Douglas and his brothers and sisters had been put into a foster home in Bristol to get them used to being in a family environment, so we didn’t have to go all the way to West Wales to meet him. We didn’t have any problem with travelling to Bristol to collect him although we were quite grateful that we had been spared the extra couple of hundred miles round trip to Kidwelly. If we had needed to go all the way to Lizzie’s Barn (about ten or eleven hours drive there and back) we may well have made an overnight stop, but it wouldn’t have put us off.

He was as good as gold on the long journey back to Essex; he settled straight down in his new crate and slept for most of the journey. When we got within two or three miles of home he woke up and started squeaking – how do they know when they are almost home, even when they’ve never been there before?”

It seems that Douglas has settled well into the Tony and Susan’s Essex home and has even found a new bed in the cat’s basket.

“We wondered if he may be a bit unsettled as this was his fourth home during his first three months of life, but we needn’t have worried, he has never shown any anxiety about missing his siblings. His house training was a bit slow to start with as the weather was so dreadful we didn’t like to ask him to go outside, but we are now progressing nicely. Our only concern has been a bit of an upset tummy, but a trip to the vet has reassured us that a couple of days on a less rich puppy food will soon put him right.” is growing by the day and currently has over 1300 dogs listed on it’s pages looking for forever homes in over 240 rescues up and down the UK. There are currently 92 breeds and cross-breeds listed and there are dogs ranging from new born pups to golden oldies, Lhasa Apso to Labrador, Chihuahua to Collie. has helped to save the animal welfare field in excess of £20.3 million.

Tony Long spoke of the website:

“We would thoroughly recommend finding your canine companion from a rescue centre; they take such trouble to make sure that the best home possible is found for their orphans, and with the help of Dogsblog prospective parents can find the right dog is for them.”

Kim O’Meara founder of said “We’re thrilled to reach the milestone of our 8,000th dog rehomed with the gorgeous Douglas. Every extra dog we help to find a new home, makes all our efforts worthwhile and we’ll do all we can to continue helping more dogs to find new homes and helping to show that there are dogs in rescue centres across the country who are looking, waiting and hoping their perfect family comes along soon.”

So if you think you have room in your home and your heart for a new dog, please visit and you may too find a suitable dog and help a dog in rescue, like Douglas, find his perfect forever family.

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