Fantastic Pet Portraits

If you are looking to immortalise your fluffy best friend in a valuable piece of art, then True Image can help. We create unique pet portraits. We can turn your favourite photographs into beautiful artworks that will remind you of your pet. Our love for animals shows in our artwork as we strive to capture the personality of your beloved pet. We believe that eyes are the window to our souls and this is true to people as well as our pets. You can be confident that we will work on your portrait until you are completely satisfied that it represents your special pet. Pet portraits make fantastic gifts for any animal lover and virtually any occassion including birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and many more.
All our artwork is hand drawn or painted with quality materials in acrylic paint or graphite pencil. Our ordering process is aimed at our customers and we always want to make sure they are happy. We will advise you on the artistic media, on your photographs, size and any other queries you might have. You can watch your artwork develop as we create it on our Art in Progress Blog which means you have full control over your portrait painting process. We accept commissions worldwide and are always open to unusual requests. To see a gallery of previous commissions, please log on to We are looking forward to your visit.

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