K9 Magazine Announces Tablet Edition

K9 Magazine, the award winning digital magazine for dog lovers, has announced plans to launch a tablet edition of the popular title.

K9 Magazine is currently available to read on the iPad, the new tablet edition will also be compatible with Android and other digital reading devices.

Following the recent announcement that Adobe is phasing out its Flash support, K9 Magazine is investing in a HTML5 version of the magazine which will be available to all subscribers in 2012 and is currently in Beta testing mode.

K9 Magazine editor and publisher, Ryan O'Meara:

"Since we made our award-winning move to digital we've seen tremendous, unprecedented growth in terms of subscribers and commercial revenues. By going digital we have been able to take the magazine from a quarterly title to a monthly schedule and by combining the magazine product with an online membership model we've been able to serve our readers much better by way of personalising content and ensuring that readers get exactly what they want from their subscription to K9 Magazine."

O'Meara adds:

"We believe in the future of digital media. It's more agile and it's more personal. We have been delighted with the growth and scale we've been able to achieve since we made, what was at the time, a brave move to invest in a totally digital approach to publishing. Our view was and is informed by the simple fact that dog lovers are easier to reach via digital platforms than they are on the high street. We are excited by our new tablet edition, which looks amazing in the Beta tests."

About K9 Magazine

K9 Magazine was launched in 2001 and has featured an impressive list of celebrity dog owners who've been interviewed by the magazine over the past decade.

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