Market Data: Pet Insurance (Europe)

Research and Markets, a specialist market analysis firm, has announced the addition of the “Pet Metrics: Consumer Approaches to Pet Insurance in Europe” report to their offering.

“Pet Metrics: Consumer Approaches to Pet Insurance in Europe”

Pet Metrics: Consumer Approaches to Pet Insurance in Europe offers detailed insights into the behaviour of pet owners in the context of pet insurance. Based on a survey of over 5,000 consumers in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK carried out in July and August 2008, the research provides valuable data describing the extent to which owners of cats, dogs and other animals take out pet insurance and clarifying the proportion of uninsured pet owners who value the benefits of the insurance but have simply not got round to acquiring cover.

In addition to calculating the percentage of pet owners that buys pet insurance in each country, the investigation also analyses the types of policy that they buy (i.e. stand-alone policies or cover packaged within household insurance or personal liability insurance), whether they hold cover for liabilities associated with pet ownership only or also for other risks, including veterinary expenses, which distribution channel and interface they use to take out stand-alone pet insurance and whether they buy cover within a week or a month of acquiring their pet or at a later stage. Finally, the report measures the degree to which pet owners are satisfied with their insurance, whether they find it expensive and if they are likely to discontinue it the next time that it comes up for renewal.

Key features of this report include:

* unique analyses showing the percentage of cat owners, dog owners, owners of other types of animal and owners of different types of pet that acquire pet insurance in each country and the potential for this proportion to grow further;
* accurate data describing the percentage of pet owners covered for expenses associated with veterinary treatment and other broader pet-related risks in addition to pet liability;
* robust statistics illustrating the extent to which alternative distribution channels, such as banks, charities, supermarkets / other retailers and vets are eroding the share of conventional insurance distributors;
* reliable information displaying how quickly pet owners are inclined to purchase pet insurance once they have acquired their pet;
* valuable insights into the reasons given by pet owners for not purchasing insurance (for example, because they have not had time, because it is too expensive, because they did not see the benefit).

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