Are you a PR provider for clients in the pet industry?

The Pet Business Link is – for a limited time and to invited firms only – opening up a pet media partnership scheme.

As a PR firm or professional media consultant, you will be able to:

  • GUARANTEE your client’s news release(s) gain coverage in our very own ‘Pet Media Buzz’ newsletter
  • PLUS coverage in various pet websites (we work with more than 40 top, worldwide pet websites and publications).

We understand the goal of PR professionals is to generate high quality, relevant coverage for their clients.

This can be difficult in such a competitive industry as the pet products and services market.

  • We make that job 100% easier by offering a guarantee of coverage.
  • Not only can we provide a wide, targeted reach to pet owners – as much of of our content is syndicated in RSS , Social Media, email and forum posts
  • We can also offer enhanced editorial opportunities across some of our partner websites, gaining additional coverage for your client(s).

Registration is currently free – for a limited time – but we will shortly be closing the door (with the exception of paying clients) as it is important we offer a high quality service to a select number of suitable partners.

If you are at this page, it means you have been invited to register*

(*You are not obligated to tell your clients of your official partnership status with The Pet Business Link, you can just put your excellent coverage results down to your awesome PR prowess! Alternatively, as a Pet Business Link media partner and the guaranteed coverage benefits that this entails, you are perfectly free to broadcast this information as an additional incentive when pitching for new clients from the pet sector.)