Mobile Bones Vet Trials, a great success.

Following the London Vet Show Pooch & Mutt stared to offer trials of its joint supplement, Mobile Bones, to veterinary professionals. The results have started coming in and the feedback has been fantastic.

At the show many vets commented on how impressed they were with Mobile Bones and noted that compared to the other joint supplements available Mobile Bones has a higher specification, more active ingredients and crucially was considerably better value.

Compared with just a few years ago supplements, especially joint supplements, have become more popular with both vets and dog owners looking for an alternative to medication for their dogs. Many dogs suffer from intolerances to, or get side effects from, a lot of traditional pain-relieving medications. Joint supplements such as Mobile Bones are certainly the best first defence over and above these medications.

Comments from the trials included:

Rachel Tomlinson. MSc, BSc (Hons) Lecturer, The College of Animal Welfare (Edinburgh) & The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, “At the end of the trial, I felt that Annie had a marked improvement within the way her joints were working, her extension of the limbs and in my opinion the patella, although still luxating, was only very slight. Comparing this to her previous mild luxation I feel that Mobile Bones has had an impact on Annie’s overall mobility.”

J.Mitchell BVSc, RCVS, “At the time he started the Mobile Bones trial he was having 50 mg Rimadyl 2x a day and was still in pain. He could only walk for 10 mins a day and spent most of his time home, asleep. After about a week he seemed more comfortable and I stopped the Rimadyl… I will be recommending Mobile Bones to anyone with a dog in pain from joint disease and Wilfie will be continuing with his daily dose.”


Trials were conducted using Mobile Bones Concentrate, available in 200g packs, which cost £9.99, last up to 2 months and are available from Pets at Home, selected independent stores, 0844 247 2122 and

Mobile Bones is made by Pooch & Mutt, the UK’s First Ethically Approved Dog Supplement Specialist

For more information on Mobile Bones vist or contact

A Mobile Bones image can be downloaded at:

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