My dog is blind … but lives life to the full!
By Nicole Horsky 

It can seem like the end of the world when the vet tells you that, sadly, your beloved dog is going blind; it’s natural to put yourself in their place and imagine how catastrophic this news would be … But with life-changing events such as these, there’s one essential difference between the human and canine species: dogs won’t waste too much time feeling sorry for themselves, or asking “why me?” 
After taking stock, they will – with your help – adapt and get on with the joyful business of living. This invaluable book which is available now from Hubble & Hattie, an imprint of Veloce Publishing, will sympathetically show the owner of the newly-blind, or already blind dog that their loyal friend is still the same, with the same zest for and enjoyment of life. With love and careful thought, you and your dog can get as much out of life as you always have, having fun and establishing an even closer bond as you help each other find new or adapted ways to live together. 

My dog is blind … but lives life to the full!
By Nicole Horsky 
ISBN 9781845842918 
UPC 636847042912 
Available now
£9.99 UK / $19.95 USA 

Eye problems
In the house and garden 
Calming signals
Basic commands
Fun and games 
Smellorama! scenting/nosework
Integration with other dogs
Training tips 
Case histories 
Closing thoughts 

Nicole Horsky has been involved with dogs since she was a girl, either her own or others’ that she looked after on a daily basis, or took in whilst their owners were on holiday. Her particular interest in blind dogs was sparked as a result of owning Elliott – a gorgeous mix of gundog and wirehaired pointer who features in this book – who is blind, and so she is well-placed to write this book. Nicole has shared her experience of living with Elliott with many other owners of blind or partially-sighted dogs, helping them and their dogs to adapt to their new circumstances and get the most out of life; in the process, she believes that these special canines have, more than any other, taught her about dog behaviour. Nicole is is a dog trainer and lives in Stockerau, Austria. 

Paperback with flaps. 80 pages. 220mm tall x 170mm. 40 pictures, 20 in colour. 
Available now. UK £9.99, USA $19.95
Hubble & Hattie (An imprint of Veloce Publishing)

This book offers a powerful  and rare – guide to living a happy life with a blind or sight-impaired dog. Owners of such pets receive tips on how to live with such an animal, covering both specific eye conditions and pairing case study examples with solid insights. Any library catering to pet owners will find this a unique, important acquisition.  – James A Cox, Editor-in-CHief, California Bookwatch

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