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Grand Digest – the ONLY digestive aid for horses that DETOXES the stomach, IMPROVES absorption & BOOSTS immunity

NEW Grand Digest feed supplement, from American nutrition experts, Grand Meadows, launches at Badminton Horse Trials (Friday 30th April -Monday 3rd May 2010). Exclusively distributed in the UK by Equine Management Ltd, Grand Digest uniquely manages all three stages of equine digestion – it is especially ideal for horses with diahoerrea and those prone to colic. Its manufacturers believe Grand Digest to be the most comprehensive, supplementary digestive product available.

Grand Digest manages digestion as follows –

The detox phase – Grand Digest starts working in the stomach by combining Toxynil-Plus and Zeolytes, to neutralise mycotoxins and allow them to pass harmlessly through the body.

Small intestine
The enhanced absorption phase – as feed passes into the small intestine, a ‘Multizyme’ blend enhances the enzymatic breakdown of nutrients. Glutamine boosts growth of the hair-like, intestinal villi that line the intestine, thus improving absorption and nutrient distribution.

Large Intestine
The support stage – a combination of fungi (Aspergillus Oryzae and shelf-stable Diamond V Yeast) provides powerful support, to maximise the breakdown of fibrous feed, stabilise the intestine’s PH and significantly improve immune system function.

William Fox Pitt uses Grand Meadows products; “Grand Meadows supplements help my horses successfully deal with the rigours of eventing,” he says.

Grand Meadows are experts in animal health supplements, offering a range of equine and canine products for digestion, joints, hooves, coat and general health and wellbeing.

Grand Digest 5lb (40 dose) £38.96
Grand Digest 10lb (80 dose) £73.73
Grand Digest 25lb (200 dose) £154.13

Retailers – to stock the product, call Equine Management on: (01825) 841 303
Consumers – to buy online, visit:

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