New Pet Industry Magazine is Launched

Total Pet Publishing, a specialist media provider for the pet sector, has announced the launch of a new digital magazine for the pet industry.

Total Pet Business Magazine is the latest digital media venture in the Total Pet stable of pet publications and brings together the latest pet business news, pet product analysis and pet brand profiles for the international pet business world.

Commenting on the new magazine, Total Pet Publishing's Charles Vincent said:

"We're really excited about bringing to market this new, modern publishing approach for pet industry professionals."

"As a pet media company, it's digital media is a huge part of our business. Our research has shown the pet industry professionals like to be able to get the latest news, announcements and information fast. Digital is by far the most effective medium by which to achieve this."

The magazine is accompanied with a free to use website, bringing together the latest pet industry news and even advice for pet companies on how to grow their businesses in the rapidly expanding and evolving global pet sector.

The magazine has an initial subscription base of 4,000 pet professionals, located in more than 40 countries.

Subscription to Total Pet Business Magazine is currently FREE:

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