New survey reveals what really gives the nation’s dogs the beef

It’s long been assumed that the faithful postman and the next-door neighbour’s cat are top culprits when it comes to getting on dog’s nerves. However, a recent poll* of dog owners conducted by Supadog Beef Casserole, found that losing pride of place on the sofa is what really gives the UK’s most popular pet the ‘beef’.

The research found that sixteen percent of dogs were miffed if their ‘top dog’ spot on the household sofa was taken by a person or other animal. Loud and unexpected noises came a close second at 14%, with third place going to other dogs appearing on the TV (13%).

Amongst the more unusual responses included the dog owner in Glasgow whose canine companion gets vexed whenever Celine Dion’s “I’m Alive” is played, and the dog who hates the sound of motorbike engines, except the distinctive revving of a Harley Davidson.

The fourth most popular response cited being woken up from a blissful sleep as a regular irritant for dogs (12%), with insects and miscellaneous objects ranking in joint fifth place (9%).

TV vet Matt Brash says: “Whilst this poll is intended to be light-hearted, it’s important to remember that, like humans, dogs experience different mood swings and can get annoyed by the actions of their owners and what’s happening in their immediate surroundings. As part of responsible dog ownership, it’s vital that owners are aware of their pet’s sensitivities to avoid any unnecessary distress that could affect the long term health and well-being of their animal.

“Owners that learn to recognise the factors that get on their dog’s nerves can also cheer them up in times of stress; with lots of attention and praise, a nice long walk or their favourite occasional food treat at tea time.”

The poll found that the top things that give the nation’s dogs ‘the beef’ are:
• having their place on the sofa taken – 16%
• loud noises – 14%
• other dogs on TV – 13%
• being woken up – 12%
• insects – 9%
• miscellaneous objects – 9%
• rain and/or water – 6%
• certain foods – 6%
• certain places – 5%
• cats – 3%
• postman – 1%
• other – 6%

*The poll was carried out in July 2010 among 95 members of social networking website

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