Pet Care Firm Announces Probiotic Supplement

Heartland Pet Care LLC is launching Pro Active Balance, a daily pet food supplement that can be added to a pets’ regular food. Using a proprietary blend of shelf-stable ingredients, Pro Active Balance delivers probiotics, prebiotics and improves nutrient absorption. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that thrive in the digestive tract when nourished by prebiotics (fiber).

Pro Active Balance is odorless and tasteless, and its granular form—available in packets and in pouches—means it is easily added to whatever food your pet likes, without the need for pills. Pro Active Balance is available for both canine and equine care. A 30-day supply of sachets is available for both standard breed dogs (up to 50 lbs.) and large breed (more than 50 lbs.), with a suggested retail price of $6.99 to $7.99, or around 25 cents a day. A 60-day supply for standard breeds is also available, along with 110-day supply in a resealable bag for large breeds.

The equine formula is available with a 30-day supply in a resealable bag at a suggested retail of $21.99 to $24.99, or less than a dollar a day. Pro Active Balance will be available beginning this October, exclusively in the pet specialty channel. More information is available at

“We’re excited to bring an easy and affordable way for everyone to enhance pet nutrition,” said Chad Fogarty, business development director, pet care division. “Pro Active Balance is unlike any other pet food supplement on the market.”

Heartland Pet Care is an innovator in health and wellness pet food products to improve quality of life for everyone’s pet in their family. Pro Active Balance products are made in the USA and are all-natural.

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