Pet Friendly Hotel Texas

In the latest of our pet friendly business profiles we take a look at The Ambassador Hotel in Amarillo, Texas.

The Ambassador Hotel in Amarillo, Texas, is a welcome stop for many pet owners where your dog and you will have a fantastic vacation. This hotel understands that family comes in all shapes and sizes. Pets are important family members and Ambassador hotel welcomes them during your stay. Don’t forget to pick up your welcome goodie bag for your pet at check-in!

Details for guests with pets: Rates for guests with pets begin at $99 * We ask that all pets be well-behaved and in control while in public areas * $50 non-refundable pet fee, per pet * Each pet receives a welcome goodie bag containing pet treats and doggie duty bags * Pet rooms are limited so please mention this when making your reservation.

In fact, the hotel's mascot is a German Shepherd named Haylie. (pronounced Hay-Lie, from the old song "…my boyfriend's back and you're gonna be in trouble…hay-lie, hay-lie…my boyfriend's back.") Haylie is about nine years old and belongs to Phyllis Payne, the general manager, who rescued her from the animal shelter the day she was to be put to death.

That was seven years ago. Haylie hangs out in the administration offices at the hotel when she's not calling on hospice patients, retirement homes or civic groups… or helping round up livestock at the ranch (really).

Haylie’s business cards read "Therapy Dog, Hotel Greeter, Cattle Herder".

The Ambassador Hotel will look forward to serving you and your four-legged family members at The Ambassador where you can have a quite vacation and dogs are welcome too.

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