Poooh Busters – We Take The Crap So You Don’t Have To!

Poooh Busters provides fast, friendly and affordable pet waste removal. We specialize in scooping the poop from your residential or commercial property on a weekly basis.

Poooh Busters can save you time. We can always make more money but we can never get our time back. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever! With the time you save by using Poooh Busters, you are able enjoy the important things in life like playing with your kids, spending time with friends and family or just take your dog for a walk and enjoy the beautiful weather and your neighbourhood. People, who value their time, value what Poooh Busters can do for them.

Using our service can keep you and family healthy. Pet waste can carry many different kinds of bacteria that cause disease and is dangerous to humans, especially children. Children are the ones typically playing in the backyard, usually with your dog. Imagine the heartache we can save you and your family by preventing illness and trips to the doctor or hospital. Families, who value their health, value what Poooh Busters can do for them.

Hiring Poooh Busters to clean your yard on a weekly basis not only keeps people healthy it keeps the environment healthy. Dog waste that is left to decay in backyards across Canada has a detrimental effect on the environment as a whole. Dog waste left to be washed away by rain or melting snow contaminates our rivers and groundwater. Studies show dogs are put third or fourth on the list of contributors to bacteria in contaminated water. Anyone who values the environment, values what Poooh Busters can do for our Earth.

If you use Poooh Busters to remove pet waste from your property on a weekly basis, you reduce the risk of making your dog sick. Dogs can also get disease from their own feces. Imagine the money you will save in veterinary bills by preventing sickness from falling upon your beloved pets! Use our service to ensure all pet waste is cleaned and disposed of on a regular basis. Pet guardians who value the health and happiness of their pets value what Poooh Busters can do for them.

Our service can also help create harmony within family units. How many times have parents fought with their children or spouses fought with each other over who was going to go out and do that dirty job picking up the dog poooh? Using our service will save everyone the frustration and misery caused by constant bickering between family members. Families that value peace and happiness, value what Poooh Busters can do for them.

Poooh Busters is better than our competition because we keep up on pet industry news and activities happening in and around Calgary. We provide constant communication to our clients through Twitter, Facebook and a blog to help Calgary pet guardians get the most information possible about pet health, pet events, and deals on all pet products. We stay in communication with our clients to tell them when our routes change or when weather prevents us from providing service on any given day. We publish a hard copy of our monthly newsletter and hand deliver it to each customer’s door. The newsletter is chock full of tips, advice and news for anything dog related.

So why wait any longer? For as little as $8.00 per week, you can enjoy all these benefits and more. Visit the Poooh Busters website today and sign up for service. Your dog will love you for it!


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