PR For Pet Businesses

From as little as just £75 we can summon the power of the media to drive interest in your business, products and services.

Bronze Package. Cost £75.

You get an entirely original press release composed by the managing editor of K9 Magazine, Sean O’Meara who will work with you on the idea, the angle and the execution. Once written to your satisfaction, you will own the release and will be free to use it to submit wherever you choose.

Your release will be guaranteed to appear on K9 Magazine’s exceptionally popular website for three weeks and as K9 Magazine’s news content is also carried by Google News, that means for just £75, your news item will be seen by at least 46,135 pet owners.


Silver Package. Cost £125.

Not only do you get all the elements of the Bronze package, but opt for our Silver package and your online exposure is doubled. Your release will be published online for six weeks, meaning at least 92,270 pet owners will see your professionally crafted message, guaranteed!

Gold Package. Cost £525.

The Gold package includes all the benefits of the Silver package plus a targeted survey of 100 unique dog owners to further substantiate the message claimed in your release, making it even more attractive to other mainstream publications such as newspapers, television and radio. K9 Media conducts the survey and provides the results on your behalf and works them into the release to provide a strong, media friendly ‘top line message’. The release runs online for a guaranteed min of 12 months and is also guaranteed to be included in Google news (audience of billions). Further to that, your release will also be submitted to a network of selected news wire services for the attention of thousands of journalists all over the world. A 1million + audience, absolutely guaranteed. Incredible value for money, low-risk PR package.

Platinum Package. Cost £1,500

This package not only incorporates all the features of The Gold Package, it also positions your business’ key brand messages in positions where your prospect target customers are actively seeking information or advice on the products or service you supply

<> Supplements and enhances any advertising you may be running
<> Allows you to save on other less effective forms of marketing and advertising by maximizing spend
<> Guaranteed to reach more than 1m pet owners and if national press decide to cover the release (they often do thanks to our innovative idea generation) then 10’s of millions can see your message


Angle/Idea Generation
Survey/Market Research Implementation
Collation of Results (1k responses average)
Preparation of Top Lines From Results
Professionally Written Press-Ready Copy
Press-Ready Copy Supplied For Distribution to National Press & Broadcast Media
Guaranteed Editorial Coverage In K9 Media-Owned publications (minimum audience of 1m.)


K9 Media’s PR talent and expertise exists in the idea generation/creative angle process. Knowing what the media and specialist press are looking for is easier when you ARE the media and specialist press.

Cutting out the middle man and actually asking those already in the media itself to generate your media coverage reduces the risks of failure dramatically.

Attracting over 6m pet owners to read about pet topics is what K9 Media is all about. We use the media, we are the media, why not join us and enjoy the benefits of our results?

Not only do we understand the media, most importantly we understand your industry completely. We work in the pet industry and we, better than most, understand businesses who rely on pet owners for their custom.


Direct Line Pet Insurance wanted to generate coverage for the bereavement counselling benefits of their pet insurance product.

K9 Media came up with the idea of surveying pet owners and businesses to see if grieving pet owners were adequately catered for in the UK workplace.

The Result: From our survey we uncovered some excellent top-line results from which Direct Line achieved press coverage in nearly all UK national newspapers including The Daily Mail, The Times, The Daily Star & More giving them total exposure to an audience of more than 10m people.

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