Tutorial: Social Media Advertising inc A Killer Sales Tip

Advertising on social media networks such as MySpace, FaceBook, LinkedIn etc is something that seems to have passed by many pet business owners and brands who are more used to ‘traditional’ media marketing methods. However, failure to harness the power and value of social networks and the advertising opportunities and ROI they can deliver is a big mistake. All you need to know is how to get the most from this exceptionally profitable media, because one thing is for sure, social networks are big now and they’ll be here for a long time to come. If you can get in ahead of your competitors, you’ll win big. In this easy to follow tutorial (including video) we’ll show you how it’s done.

The video below shows how quickly an advertising campaign can be set up on a very popular social media network (in this case, MySpace)

For members, we have detailed all of the elements required to set up a high quality, profitable social media advertising campaign for pet businesses as well as links to the tools we use.

If you are not yet a member, consider this: For a very low investment, this one article alone will pay you back the cost of your membership fee in ONE go. Why? Because it contains information that took us 7 years to learn and will take you just 7 minutes! Just take a second to digest that, we spent 2,555 days learning the greatest online sales technique we’ve ever encountered and we’ll explain it to YOU in this document in under 7 minutes.


The best way to view the video below is to click play but then choose the option to play the video in full screen mode (the icon is located in the bottom right hand corner of the video player)

This tutorial contains modules on:

  • How to target popular, profitable search terms
  • How to to identify search trends
  • How to set up a landing page
  • Using eNewsletters and intelligent auto-responders
  • How to get FREE online advertising
  • How to set up a MySpace ad campaign
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Module 1: Landing pages

For our campaign we used this landing page – which, as you will see is very simple and adheres to the basic principles of good landing page design. It’s simple, seeks to identify the ‘pain’ that a pet owner seeks to avoid (not literal pain, figurative – most pet owners always want to do the best for the pet’s health and here we’re offering them a free solution to achieve that).

The actual offer is compelling, it’s risk free and it is genuinely worth the pet owner’s time to take it up.

We have put together an extensive report on pet food and we DO retail it at 9.99, but they can have it for nothing.

Notice how little data we’re asking for?

That’s important. It’s crucial. If people feel they’re going to have to complete a massive form, they will instantly turn back.

The landing page is written for the benefit of the reader – not the search engine. In this case it’s short, sweet and hopefully can ‘sell’ its offer inside 20 seconds.

Want to know more about landing pages? Click here.

We built our site on the WordPress platform. We now build ALL of our sites on the WordPress platform and we strongly encourage pet business owners to become familiar with WordPress because it is capable of incredible things and allows us to work fast, work in the moment and not spent weeks having to wait in order to capitalise on a market trend. With WordPress we can literally have a site up and running within hours, listed in the search engines within a couple of days and making profit within weeks. Yes, it’s that fast.

Crucially, we host with a company who allow us to install wordpress on our domains with ONE click. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well it really is that simple, we can have wordpress running a site with literally one, single click from our web host’s control panel.

Having spent many years working with many webhosts, our recommended host is DREAMHOST. If you’re looking to start a new project, business, website – we encourage you to investigate DREAMHOST as your web hosting partner, they have certainly served us very well and make life easy on our WordPress projects.

Your landing page in a project like the one we’re demonstrating here should be short but it is important to remember that not all landing pages should be brief, some convert better when they use long sales copy.

So, why is our landing page short?

Module 2: eNewsletter and Intelligent AutoResponder

The advice you’re about to read took us years to learn, it shouldn’t have, but it did. You are going to learn inside a few moments what took us absolutely ages to discover.

Attempting to sell to web visitors is doomed to fail.

You might be shocked to learn that. After all, what are we all trying to do if we’re not trying to sell to customers?

But it’s a fact, attempting to sell to a web visitor is a zero sum game – you either sell to them, there and then, or you don’t. If you don’t, you’ve failed. You’ve lost them. They might NEVER come back!

So what do we do?

We learned that conversions from emailed promotions and general direct interaction with individuals yields a staggering 64% higher return than on page sales strategies.

So instead of trying to sell, we attempt to capture email addresses. To capture an email address you need to give prospects a VERY compelling reason to give you their email. So, we do.

As you will see from our video we have paid money to advertise a web page which, in turn, GIVES away a product worth 9.99.

The first thing to realise is that the pet food special report that the prospect is getting for nothing DID cost us time and money to produce. It is a quality product.

Could you do a similar strategy but with a lesser product?

Yes, but you will yield much, much inferior results.

Think about this from the prospect’s point of view.

This might be the first time they’ve ever had exposure to your brand. Their first impression of your brand is that you are willing to give them something, something for nothing.

When they receive that something for nothing do you want them to think:

A) This was worth exactly what I paid for it – i.e. NOTHING


B) Wow! I got THIS for nothing! I’m impressed.

This is a fairly new business concept but it’s one that needs to be grasped, nowadays people not only want a free lunch, they want that free lunch to be 5-star!

So why do we want their email and not a sale?

The reality is, we DO want a sale, but we’re experienced enough now to realise that it’s got a much better chance of happening down the line rather than today.

By having a contact on an email list we have a chance to impress them again and again and again and then, and only then, if we ask for a sale – we have a much, much better chance of actually getting it.

We’re no longer playing a zero sum, win or lose game. We have got more than one opportunity to ask for our sale.

By encouraging prospects to give us permission to communicate with them directly (permission marketing) we have an open line of communication with them. That’s far better than them visiting our site, being hit with a sales pitch and then disappearing, never to be seen again.

We now we’re great, but the prospect doesn’t – not yet anyway – and it will take them far longer than 20 seconds to realise we’re great, it might even take them a year, but if our line of communication is open, we’ve got a chance of turning them in to a customer.

So for us, a prospect who is willing to give us permission to talk to them is just like a sale, in many respects it’s an opportunity to create a more valuable customer than we could have hoped for by simply attacking them with an aggressive, 20 second sales pitch.


Of course, our delivery of their special report is automated. Using digital techniques means taking advantage of intelligent systems. We make sure our prospect is greeted by their first name, in all cases. We ensure we use intelligent automation and, as far as we’re concerned, we use the BEST email automation system there is, Aweber.

It took us a while to realise what Aweber had over other eNewsletter systems. In fact at first it looked like a ludicrous product, it was just SO much more expensive than other services that offered eNewsletter services. But when the penny finally did drop, our only regret was that we hadn’t seen the light earlier. Aweber is easily the most effective service for email marketing we’ve ever used. It quite simply can do things that others can’t. We won’t go in to the full features list, instead we just encourage you to investigate Aweber and when you see the prices, when you think about doing a comparison with a product such as MailerMailer or Constant Contact -remember these words, Aweber blows those services away. Aweber has paid for itself many, many times over for us within just a couple of weeks of using it. It’s our recommended choice, by far. LEARN MORE ABOUT AWEBER >>

Module 3: Research and Trend Analysis

Let’s keep things short and sweet.

For market research tools we use Aaron Wall’s SEO Book tools – we think you should too. Find out more.

What you will have seen on our video when we did the keyword search for ‘pet’ was a Firefox add-on from SEO Book that brings up a little set of links that allow us to use free services such as Google Insight, Google Trends and more.

Firefox is free. The SEO Book add on is free. So if you’re not using them, you should be!

The actual direct links as contained on our video are here, if you click them it will take you directly to the services we used, you can play with these services to your heart’s content and will get a great feel for how powerful they are. In times gone by, market research tools (and data) like this would cost businesses thousands upon thousands, now you can get REAL data, moving data, watch LIVE trends, find out how popular a search like ‘outdoor kennels’ is speifically in a particular region in a particular country. This data is at your fingertips, use it.

For us we picked the term ‘pet food recall’ because Google Insight showed us it was a ‘Breakout Trend’ – so we know we’re playing with a search term that people are genuinely interested in. We’ve removed any guesswork on our behalf. Google has just cut our risk down by about 70% – we’re not speculating about what we THINK people might be interested in, Google has confirmed it. This is incredibly powerful. 20 years ago we’d have had to pay a market research firm to carry out analysis to tell us we’re we should be looking for new customers, but here we’ve been given the data, instantly, and not paid anything for it. Furthermore, even the market research firm would still be relying on an element of guesswork. What would happen if a trend changed between the time they started the project and the time they delivered our data? With Google they’re telling us what’s happening RIGHT NOW.

Be prepared to spend a LOT of time researching trends and markets. And by a LOT of time, we mean a few hours when researching a campaign. Which, in the grand scheme of things, is actually laughably short.

Using trend analysis is like cheating at fishing. You’re not trying to guess where the best spot is, you’ve got someone who’s able to tell you, for a fact. Does it remove the fun? Absolutely NOT!

In the video we mentioned that we got our MySpace account set up and funded to the tune of $75. This is because companies like MySpace, Google AdWords, Facebook etc are always on the lookout for new advertisers. Free advertising vouchers are fluid, there always seems to be someone, somewhere offering them. Luckily for you, as a member, if there’s any ad vouchers going spare we’ll make sure to let you know about them.


In this tutorial we have shown you:

1) The benefit of capturing emails ahead of attempting to make sales. Please use this knowledge to completely re-think the way you set up ‘sales pages’. Instead of trying to sell, give things away. Whether it be a voucher, a free report, a free product or even an exclusive video. If you are unable to write your own reports, hire someone – it will be worth it (if you want to hire someone to write pet related reports, contact us – we can get this done for you at discounted member rates)

2) The value of WordPress as a web publishing platform. We can’t stress enough how much you should get to grips with WordPress as a platform or have your IT people do this. If you’re a one person operation and don’t have the budget to learn web design, do NOT be put off – WordPress is incredibly easy to learn and there are many, many free templates out there. Don’t be tempted to use free services like ‘Mr Site’ or even free web design packages often offered by web hosts. WordPress is an established web publishing tool, it is very search friendly and it is not the same (or even close) to free site offered by many commercial entities.

3) Use a web host that makes using WordPress even easier. You are going to want to be able to capitalise on trends. If that means sitting up a mini site in order to capture an entire market niche before your competitors, then you need the tools that will allow you to do this quickly. With our host (DREAMHOST) we are able to have a new WordPress site set up in minutes. Speed is important and simplicity is always better.

4) The value of using free tools for market research. Get enrolled with Aaron Wall’s SEO Book study course and make use of the free tools he offers. By using his SEO Book add on with the Firefox browser you are using free tools that would have once cost businesses THOUSANDS. Better yet, because so many businesses are still of a mindset to spend big money on market analysis, you can beat them to the punch and not even pay anything for the advantage.

5) Make a good impression. Don’t cut corners with your initial offer. If you run an advert to capitalise on a trend, make sure you present yourself as a quality resource and impress your prospects. Remember, they want the free lunch and they want it to be 5-star. Just because you’re giving it away, don’t skimp on quality. You’re far likelier to sell something (over and over) if you’ve opened your line of communication with a prospect by impressing them. Imagine if you went to stay at a hotel and there on the bed when you walked in to your room was a complimentary MP3 player or a box of luxury chocolates or a bottle of wine – not only would you be happy to pay your bill at the end of the stay, you’d tell people about it and you’d make an extra effort to look for that hotel chain when you next needed to book a hotel. Further, if that hotel got in touch with you in the future offering a promotion, you’d remember just how good your first impression of them was.


Learn about landing pages
SEO Book

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