Road Refresher bowl officially named one of the best inventions of the past decade

A non spill pet water bowl has been named among the UK’s top 15 “ingenious” inventions of the last decade, according to the British Library in London.

The Road Refresher™ non spill water bowl is a three part water bowl that eliminates spills at home and during any form of travel, the water bowl also reduces slobber by up to 90%, and last year won the ‘Editors Choice’ award from Pet Product News USA.

Distributed by Prestige Pet Products UK, the Road Refresher™ has become the fastest selling water bowl on, even the White House are proud owners of a Road Refresher™ bowl.

Natalie Ellis, invented the Road Refresher™ for her own dog, Shizza, a miniature pincher, and soon turned her idea into a successful business. “I was of course thrilled to hear my invention has been selected as one of the best of the century. I knew it is a great product , but to have recognition by others for your product is always great.” said Natalie.

To find out more please go to

Prestige Pet Products UK Ltd
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for high res pics of further details please contact natalie on +44 (0)844 879 3205

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