Cat owners across the UK will be grinning like the proverbial Cheshire cat this National Smile Month (16th May – 16th June 2010) because Burgess Pet Care has re-launched a new and improved Supacat complete dry food range.

The new improved adult range is now available with STAY-Clean, a formula that is proven to reduce plaque and tartar build up on the teeth and improve gum quality.

Each tasty kibble is coated with STAY-Clean and the mechanical action of chewing the kibble combined with the chemical action of the STAY-Clean is proven to inhibit bacterial activity, the result – an even healthier bite for your feline friend but with all the taste that cats love, at a fantastic price.

“Over 70% of cats over the age of three require oral health attention. However, this new formula provides a safe, efficient way of keeping tooth decay at bay, which is why we’ve introduced STAY-Clean on all our products for adult cats” says Ken Stirk, Technical Director, Burgess Pet Care.

The range starts with kitten food which is rich in Chicken and high in protein, calcium, natural anti-oxidents and prebiotics, with supasmall nuggets for smaller mouths. It then continues with two delicious adult varieties, Rich in Chicken and Duck and Rich in Scottish Salmon.

The Mature Supacat is rich in Turkey and Cranberry, which aids urinary tract function, and also contains prebiotics and glucosamine to help older joints.

Not only is the new Supacat range highly tasty and palatable but there are no added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives either.
All in all, it’s the purrfect way to ensure healthy smiles all round!

The Supacat range includes four products for each life stage from kitten through to mature cat. Supacat is available from all leading pet shops or online via the Burgess website at . 1.5kg bags priced at £3.75 and 10kg bags at £19.99.


For more information please contact Claire Felstead / Felicity McClintock at Freshwater on 0207 787 1931 or

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