Splash for Dogs Hydrotherapy Pool Open for Business

Splash Hydrotherapy Pool located in Croft, Warrington is now the largest pool in the region, spanning 8 metres by 3.5 metres. Its size means that it is ideal for all breeds of dog, especially the larger breeds as the long length of the pool enables the larger dogs to swim more freely.

All of our staff are fully trained and are members of the CHA (Canine Hydrotherapy Association), at splash our staff will enter the pool with your dog if required and we also have buoyancy aids and lines, which are used on all new dogs until we are happy that they are confident in the water on their own.
Also installed in the pool is a hydro jet swim system, which allows for swimming against a current, ideal for endurance training and muscle development.

Splash is not just for dogs which have been injured or have a disability; many of our customers just bring their dogs a long for a good swim. Some experts state that a 5 minute swim is equivalent to a 20 minute walk for a dog.

Hydrotherapy is one of the oldest forms of treatment and exercising in a warm water (27-30C ) controlled environment can have many benefits, some of which are:
•Non weight baring exercise
•Stress free support to joints and muscles
•Reduces stiffness in the joints
•Improves circulation
•Relaxes muscles
•Anti inflammatory relief’s pain, reduces swelling
•Builds muscle tone
•Improves general well being

Splash is an approved hydrotherapy and pleasure pool, so you can rest assured that we are operating to the highest standards possible. Our pool benefits from state of the art equipment which includes a highly effective UV system, minimising the need for chemicals. The pool water is also checked 3 times daily, to ensure that the water quality is in optimum condition for your dog to enjoy their swim in.

For more information or to book a session at Splash please visit our website www.splashfordogs.com or call 01925 767470.

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