The Gator Series kennel system: secure, safe, and comfortable.

Housing your animals in a Gator Products custom animal enclosure will give you peace of mind, save you time, and improve the look of your kennel, veterinary clinic, animal rescue, or grooming company. The easy to clean material not only saves you time cleaning, but it also reduces the risk of spreading disease; keeping the animals safe and reducing the number of trips to the vet. A clean kennel also looks and smells better, which your customers will notice, remember, and tell their friends – and potential new customers about.

The kennel systems are built from durable materials, making them the only enclosures you will have to buy. You will never have to worry about the kennels rotting or rusting apart, saving you the cost of replacement. Pests, such as mice, molds, or insects will not attack the kennels – protecting your investment. The confidence in knowing these kennel systems will house your animals safely and securely for years to come, allows you to focus on the animals instead of the enclosures. The kennels’ fire-resistance rating allows you (and your insurance agent) to sleep at night, knowing the kennels are built from a material that does not catch fire. On top of the cost saving, the security, and the safety of the kennels, we also back each kennel with a 3-year warranty; giving you even more peace of mind.

We custom-build each enclosure to order. The enclosures are sized to maximize the space available, allowing you to house more animals, comfortably. Extra features; such as glass windows, wheels, or special doors can easily be incorporated in the design – ensuring you get the look and function you need for your business. In every project we do, we make sure that your needs as well – as your animals’ needs are met. You get a great return on your investment, a product that is easy to clean, and the peace of mind knowing that your animals are safe, secure, and comfortable.

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