“The Ultimate in Professional Compassionate Pet Care”

Shannon’s Pet-Sitting takes responsibility for feeding, dog walking, cleaning up litter boxes and yards, changing cage paper, administering medication…and above all, spoiling your furry and feathered friends!
Shannon’s Pet-Sitting provides care in the pet owner’s home and even caters to abyssinian guinea pig, which is considered the most exotic guinea pig in the world. This reduces stress put on the pet by allowing them to remain in their own environment and maintain their daily routine. The basis behind the care I provide is for your pets remain completely stress free. I will follow your instructions and your pet’s routine to ensure your pet is happy, healthy & stress free while in my care! No depending on friends, family or neighbors to care for your pets. Also, no carting your pets back & forth to the vet or kennel to board them & racing back to pick them up before they close!
I don’t believe in nickel & diming pet owners. I try to keep my rates as reasonable and straight forward as possible. If I am already coming to your home to take care of your pet it only takes me a few extra minutes to perform additional tasks owners may request. So therefore about the only thing I charge additional for are the services that take me an extended amount of time like subcutaneous fluids or special meal preparation. As a courtesy I will also give pills, injections, water plants, bring in mail and newspapers, alternate lights, open and close draperies, and set alarm systems so that the home appears occupied – an important consideration when you are away for an extended period of time. The only time there is a mileage charge is if the state national average of regular unleaded gas goes over $3.00 a gallon.
I specialize in areas of pet sitting that include pets with behavioral problems, medical needs, and senior pets. I seem to have a special knack for understanding & reading animals. Fearful cats come out for me, and fear biting dogs respect me. I treat them with respect & understanding. I move at their pace & distance. I will take the time to work with the pet & the owner, prior to their departure to ensure they are both comfortable with me. It just takes patients & understanding. I love the challenge & the reward. Happy pets & happy (and shocked) pet owners!

I also have received specialized medical training. I worked at the North Shore Veterinary Clinic in Skokie, IL. In addition to my hands on experience at the clinic, I also completed Veterinary Assistant classes through the American Animal Hospital Association, and Cedar Valley College. Along with my studies I worked part time at the Animal Emergency and Critical Care Center in Northbrook, IL. I am certified in Pet CPR & First Aid. Over the years I have built a strong reputation and rapport with the local veterinary clinics. To further my education in the world of exotics I worked in the specialty department at Petsmart for two years.
Often when pets are released from the hospital or emergency room pet owners are nervous or unsure about medication & treating their pets at home. As an additional service I also assist owners with medicating pets. I will come into the home and assist the owner will pilling, injections, and subcutaneous fluids. I have a lot of knowledge, and hands on experience in treatment of Chronic Renal Failure and Diabetes in pets.
I have a large territory covering parts of suburban Lake, Cook , DuPage & Kane counties. Where a pet owner lives depends on the type of services available. If a pet owner lives east of Milwaukee/River road only overnight in home sitting is available due to the distance. A pet owner must be within a 15-20 minute radius of Schaumburg or Carpentersville for stop by visits. Stop by visits are 30 minutes in length. If I spend more time on the road than with the pet it is not profitable for me. Despite the large territory & growing clientele base I insist on remaining a sole proprietor. I don’t hire employees because I want to keep my business personalized. My philosophy is Why hire “Shannon’s” Pet-Sitting when if I’m going to have Julie or Mike take care of your pets?
When you hire Shannon’s Pet-sitting you get SHANNON EVERY TIME!!
Should the instance arise that I am unavailable I do have other pet sitting services I work with who are bonded & insured in case I am not available or do not cover an area. I have an agreement with these services that they will charge my rates & only serve as my back up. I remain the primary pet sitter to my clients.
I enjoy working within my community. I am one of the founders of “PetNet”. “PetNet” is a networking group formed in July consisting of different pet related businesses in the Northwest Chicagoland area. The objective of the group is to help each other provide better products & services to pets and their owners. I work with multiple animal rescues and non-profit charitable organizations by participating in fundraisers and donation programs.
I received the honor in 2010 of becoming accredited by the Better Business Bureau and American Pet Association. Both of these associations hold high standards in ethics, honesty & integrity to businesses & not every business in eligible. It is privilege to be acknowledged by them.

Shannon’s Pet-Sitting has seriously taken on the job of spoiling pets across Chicago’s Northwest Suburbs by providing the ultimate in professional compassionate pet care.
Let Shannon’s Pet-Sitting love and care for your pets – I’m the next best thing to you!!

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