Top Dog Products 2010

Las Vegas, home of the lucky, will soon be showcasing some of the latest pet products to hit the market. From September 14th through the 16th, the pet industry's biggest brands and most innovative products will gather for SuperZoo, one of the industry's largest annual trade shows.

"Pets are now playing a starring role in the American family," says Don Tomala, managing partner of Matrix Partners. "More than three out of five households today have one or more pets. And now more than ever, pets are enjoying a great life." Despite a slumped economy, the pet industry continues to thrive. Tomala has spent a significant portion of his marketing career in the pet industry, an area where he has gained considerable expertise in the practice of package design, brand identity and distribution strategies.

Matrix Partners' has named these as the top dog products to look out for from 2010.

Stella & Chewy's® dinners are made with only the most wholesome ingredients like raw, natural meat, poultry or fish sourced from USDA-inspected facilities. Available in a variety of flavors from Stella's Super Beef(TM) to Duck Duck Goose® to the new Surf 'N Turf. Dinners are offered both frozen and freeze-dried along with Carnivore Kisses(TM) and Carnivore Crunch(TM) treats. Not only are these products delicious, they look delicious in new packaging to be unveiled at SuperZoo.

Nurtured Pets® Anti-Lick Strip Prevent(TM) pet bandages have gained international acclaim for their ability to deter pets from licking, biting and chewing. Made with an exclusive blend of natural ingredients – including cayenne pepper, lemon powder, clove oil and oregano. Nurtured Pets' will debut two new products at SuperZoo, stop by to see them!

TropiClean® fresh breath made easy!(TM) is a new generation of safe, natural products designed to make pet oral care exceptionally easy. Clean Teeth Gel, Water Additive, Fresh Mint Foam and Dental Treats are made with mint, green tea and aloe to promote cleaner, healthier teeth while freshening pet breath – without brushing!

Free Range Eco Naturals(TM) Buckarooz!(TM) make being green easy. These long-lasting, marrow-filled antler chews are naturally shed by U.S. free-range (not farm raised) white tail deer, mule deer and elk. Buckarooz! are the perfect choice for your eco-friendly Fido.

Imperial Cat® expands its brand of high-quality, eco-friendly feline products to include Halloween and Christmas themed Scratch 'n Shapes(TM). Perfect for any home and designed to satisfy the feline's natural instinct to scratch, the new holiday designs allow owners to add to their festive decor while providing a place for kitty to stretch, scratch and play. Each scratcher includes its own bag of Certified Organic Catnip.

The HALTI(TM) is the world's first and favorite canine headcollar, and is now available exclusively from The Company of Animals! Recognized as a leading training aid and an industry standard, the HALTI gently yet effectively prevents pulling while walking.

GoodBye Odor(TM) is a breakthrough line of products that safely and naturally eliminates offensive pet smells and promises to be this year's SuperZoo breakout hit. These products are created with natural plant derivatives, used by herbalists and nutritionists for centuries. Originally known as Bi-Odor, this brand has been used successfully with small animals and ferrets for years. And new to the GoodBye Odor family is the specially formulated GoodBye Odor of Cats and GoodBye Odor for Dogs.

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