Two Million Dogs Read my Magazine


My name is Jim Hughes and I am the editor-in-chief of The Kennel Spotlight magazine. I have 50 years experience in the Pet Industry, mainly in producing and selling puppies to the retail pet trade. We have printed this magazine for 6 years. The reason for the magazine is to give the breeder a source to expand his knowledge of this puppy industry. We offer articles on breeding, nutrition, government regulations, health, kennel construction, common sense daily husbandry practices and procedures, etc. In fact, almost anything a breeder needs to know.

We print 13,000 copies for professional, licensed breeders, who own approximately 2 million adult breeding dogs. We do not charge a subscription fee, as we derive our income from paid advertising. I feel that the pet industry has been very good to me and this magazine is my way of giving back the knowledge I have gained from 50 years of operating a 320 dog breeding kennel, a puppy brokerage shipping 12,000 puppies and employing 24 people, and owning two retail mall pet shops. I served on the board of directors of APPDI, an industry coalition of competing dog brokers and have held every office in that organization.

We are soliciting more advertisers as advertising dollars enable us to expand the size and frequency of publication. We feel a need to better educate our readers so as to encourage them all to become licensed and to come into compliance with state and federal guidelines. Our readers are professional breeders with a very strong need for the kennel supplies that you, the potential advertiser, might sell. For instance, our readers feed 1.7 million dollars worth of dog food every day of the year. They need to buy this feed from some company, but how will they know your company exist unless you tell them. Our magazine is the best way to tell them as every reader is a targeted audience. 100 percent of our readers need your product. This is true of every pet industry product manufactured for the use of dogs, no matter whether it be dog food, grooming supplies, pharmaceuticals, feed bowls, etc. Compare our cost of advertising verses other magazines whose readership shows an interest in one out of ten cases.

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