UK’s First Canine Fitness & Weight Loss Retreat Opens

With the new year, comes new years resolutions and hopes of regaining fitness and loosing weight. That normally just applies to humans but FitPooch has launched to give dogs and their owners an outlet and platform to stick to that new years resolution. FitPooch is the UK's first fitness and weight loss retreat for dog owners and their dogs and aims to help drive down the statistic which says 50% of us are overweight and not far behind it's reported that 40% of dogs are obese.

Stephen Cole, founding director of FitPooch explains: “There's no more putting your pooch in kennels whilst you go on holiday. The latest trend in healthy holidays is to take your pet with you. Together, you tone up, lose weight and learn how to lead a healthier lifestyle for when you arrive home”.

The FitPooch HQ is based in the rolling countryside of Devon just outside Totnes. Don't be mistaken though, this is not just another dog walking holiday. The team of health professionals consists of personal trainers, physiotherapists, yoga instructors and even a vet; and they're serious about getting you results.

Owners and dogs rise at 6am and are taken through a series of exercises and workshops, including a dog therapy session. Delicious yet nutritious fare is on offer with recipes designed by one of the country’s leading nutritional therapists. FitPooch even provide an individually tailored nutrition and exercise plan for when you go home, and a free 3 month life coaching service to help you stick to it.

The courses are five days long and start from £840 all inclusive. For more details please call 0800 634 3070 or visit their website at

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