Updated Apprenticeships For the Animal Care Sector

Lantra, the Sector Skills Council for environmental and land-based industries, has announced today, 20 August, that an updated apprenticeship framework for the animal care industry has been published to encourage a more flexible approach to the training programme.

Available for immediate use by training providers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, the apprenticeship framework offers a revised structure after an intensive review with businesses and other industry professionals was carried out over the past year. This document guides individual training in animal care and welfare, zoos/wildlife establishments, dog grooming, pet care and retail, animal training, animal wardens and use of animals in education and entertainment.

Jo-Anne Bryan, Lantra’s project manager for frameworks, said: “One of Lantra’s key tasks is to develop and maintain the apprenticeship frameworks, ensuring they meet the changing needs of industry professionals.

“The consultations with industry did in fact identify a need for changes to this apprenticeship to keep it right up-to-date, ensuring apprentices receive the training needed for the workplace.”

In addition to the full framework document, Lantra has also produced summaries for the apprenticeship framework, to help employers by providing a programme overview that quickly outlines the specific apprenticeship requirements.

Lisa Jarvis, Lantra’s Industry Partnership Manager for animal care, said, “Lantra has constructed the new framework based on feedback suggested by professionals working with the animal care industry. The new framework should help apprentices gain the skills required by today’s employers.”

“Within the coming year Lantra will be assessing the remaining environmental and land-based apprenticeship frameworks,” Bryan concluded. “The government is looking to increase the number of apprentices, so we need to make sure the frameworks are completely up-to-date.”

To view or download the new animal care apprenticeship framework, visit www.lantra.co.uk/frameworks/animalcare. To find out more about the apprenticeship programme, to reference the framework summary document or to see the upcoming schedule of framework reviews, please visit www.lantra.co.uk/apprenticeshipframeworks or call 0845 707 8007.

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