Using Social Networks to Promote Pet Businesses

If you’ve been online any time between 2005 and now you can’t fail to have noticed the rise and rise of social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

As a pet business, the question is – how do YOU take advantage of social networks to help boost your business?
Online social network marketing – sometimes known as social level marketing – is an advertising method that marketers useĀ  to increase their web presence. This ranges from simply advertising directly on social networking sites, viral marketing that spreads throughout the web, email, and word of mouth, or providing niche social networking sites focused around the item being advertised.


In the ‘old days’ social network marketing simply meant making sure our marketing message was being promoted at events and in networking environments where we (hoped) our target customers would be.

Thanks to the Internet, that process has become a whole lot more cost effective, scalable and more easily targeted.

Many sites include features where companies can create profiles. For example, on Facebook companies can create “pages” where users can become fans of this company, product, service, individual, etc. Many companies create MySpace pages for themselves.

Companies sometimes invest in internet presence management, which can include social network marketing.

In a 2007 study by eMarketer, commissioned by MySpace, it was predicted there would be a $1230 million spend on social network marketing.

So, as a pet business, which are the social networks you should be looking at?

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