Veterinary Hospital Goes Green for Health

Dr. Lineberger decided he was going to make a change and improvement to his K9 friend's outdoor play area. Providing a low maintenance synthetic grass surface means no more muddy paws and a safe and healthy environment for the K9 friends that visit and stay in the boarding facility.   Going Green was no question for Dr. Lineberger.

The vision for Lineberger Veterinary Hospital in 1988 is the same as today: providing a safe, healthy and enriched environment for all the family pets that visit the hospital.

Advanced Recreation Solution of Mooresville, North Carolina was a part of the Going Green environment by providing the Ultimate K9 Grass surface.  It's a must see.

With the limits of natural surfaces, maintenance and high traffic of our K9 friends, the Ultimate K9 Grass was the perfect solution to providing natural beauty and surface for the dog at play.  With no more dead spots, it is green three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

The Ultimate K9 Grass requires literally no maintenance, saves on our precious limited and expensive water and prevents the application of harmful chemicals.  Dr. Lineberger, his staff and pet owners love the new grass surface.  You can apply the grass surface in kennels, pet hospitals and residential applications. Dana Joyce, Practice Manager, is thankful for the Ultimate K9 Grass surface, it has made such a difference to the environment and it is very evident the dogs all love it.     

In recent years more and more veterinary hospitals, kennels and homeowners have converted over to the Ultimate K9 Grass surface, because of the many benefits.  It's safe, it's healthy, it's clean, it's protecting our environment and it saves our precious water, with little or no maintenance…not forgetting our K9 pets loves it.

It truly is Going Green, The owners of Advanced Recreation Solution were very pleased to be a part of the newest project at Lineberger Veterinary Hospital, 3735 S. New Hope Road, Gastonia, NC.   We strongly believe that every K9 friend should be outside exercising and enjoying the outdoors, without all the mess and harmful chemicals that they carry back into our hospitals, kennels and homes.  A healthy pet truly is a happy pet.

Advanced Recreation Solution is the industry leader in Ultimate K9 Grass surfaces: playground grass, sport field grass and putting greens to residential and commercial landscape grass surfaces. Advanced Recreation Solution comes with over thirty years of Synthetic Grass Surface Knowledge and Experience.

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