Vets’ MediCover – the pet insurance policy that has it all

1. We offer one rate that is irrespective of breed and postcode. This means that you don’t have to spend time shopping around obtaining quotes from search engines. We have two prices for dogs (£16.17 and 18.19) and two for cats (£14.15 and £16.17). Simple.
2. This rate does not change after you claim. Our rate is fair and consistent; we will not increase your premium after you claim or as your pet ages. You can trust our price structure and budget accordingly.
3. We provide you with £10,000 cover each year. A very high level of cover that is not available in most pet insurance policies. The ‘pot’ is refilled every year and we have no upper limits for specific conditions.
4. Our policy is lifelong; if your pet gets a disease such as diabetes we support you and will pay for all the necessary medical treatment. Other policies will stop paying at the end of the policy year or when you’ve spent a named amount. We’re more reliable than that, we provide you with the insurance that you’ve paid for.
5. Our excess is £80 and does not fluctuate. When your pet reaches a certain age some companies will make you pay the excess plus 20% of the claim. Not us! Our excess is £80, forever.
6. We provide £1 million public liability cover for dogs, and cats. Most companies offer this for dogs, very few for cats.
7. Simple, dependable, unique. Vets’ MediCover have the best policy for you and your pet in the event illness or injury. For more information please call 0845 194 9751, alternatively visit

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