Welcome to our own little Patch of Heaven!

Patch of Heaven Pet Resort is situated on our own little patch of heaven on earth. Spacious, scenic, and quiet with plenty to see and do. The resort itself features spacious private rooms (big enough for multi pet families) with attached runs. Each room has a comfy raised bed with foam mattress and is tastefully decorated. Resort has in floor heat in winter and fresh cool mountain air in summer. There is an indoor playroom with rubber floor (great for rough housing), treadmill ( so you don’t have to miss that walk on stormy days), sofa and Tv for lounging, a massage mat to rub and roll on, as well as relaxing sounds cd’s for meditation and yoga.
The grounds of the resort are beautifully landscaped and feature a fully fenced acre+ park with lots of natural and man made obstacles to play on. There is a wooded area for the more private dogs to do their business or for a shady nap. There are two wading pools and we are hoping to soon have a large pool installed for hydrotherapy.
There is another smaller fenced area to work one on one with clients doing agility, obedience training, etc.
Canine clients are walked everyday for at least 30 min either on leash or off. Gold clients also get to go hiking, swimming, or driving if the weather is poor. There are several brooks and swimming holes on the many hiking trails as well as lake access.
Feline clients get rooms with a window seat and are let out for individual play time everyday.
We are a social resort and the dogs do everything as a pack except eat and sleep (unless there is a reason they can not). They are only in their rooms to eat & sleep. If your dog is not social, we can fix that!
The resort offers:
Long and short term boarding (for all creatures great and small)
Doggie Daycare (mon-friday)
Bath, Nails, Ears & Massage Spa service
High Quality Pet Foods & Pet Products

Every dog that stays will learn to walk properly on a leash, wait at a door (no bolting allowed here), and to play nice with other dogs.

Gold package dogs will receive additional training at owner’s request (obedience, aggression rehabilitation, obsessions, tricks, etc)

Our mission is to give pets a place to come have a vacation from the pressures of human lives and to just be dogs! We provide a totally safe enviroment to run free, be social, get dirty (we’ll clean them up before they come home), chase squirrels, etc. We provide the leadership they need and crave, so that they can let loose .

We update the website gallery regularly so owners can see for themselves that thier pets are having fun.

Check out our website to see full package details and prices. Check out our gallery to see what a typical day is like. Then give me a call and we can set up a time for a full tour of our resort!

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