Why a raincoat can reduce your carbon footprint

A staggering 83 million litres of water a year* are estimated to be used by UK dog-owners in keeping our four-legged canine friends clean.

And that’s not counting the hours spent to bathe dogs, the energy used to heat the water or the shampoo going down the drain.

Avoiding frequent baths is best for our dogs’ coats and skin but what’s best for a dog isn’t appealing if it means mud on the sofas and carpets.

Cladding your dog in protective rain-wear with built in legs is the answer, according to dog-wear firm, Doggie Macs.

Founder and MD Jackie Gilmore says: “Until now, finding a rain-coat that kept your dog sufficiently dry and mud-free to avoid frequent bathing was near impossible. But Doggie Macs, full water-proof and made-to-measure dog apparel, prevents the fuss, cost as well as the water and energy waste associated with frequent dog baths”.

Here’s how it works. Although these coats are ‘couture’, prices are reasonable (starting at £39.99) because they are sold direct from a website. Simply log onto www.doggiemacs.com, provide your canine’s vital statistics, choose from eight different colours and trims, then send in your order and your dog will be the proud possessor of a perfectly practical and stylish bespoke garment. Prices are in five bands – small, medium, large, X large and XX large. All Doggie Macs Ltd products are hand-made in England with materials sourced from UK suppliers.

Contact details: 020 8906 6632 or email Jackie@doggiemacs.com


– Doggie Macs – with a black or colour base fabric – from £39.99 +P&P
– Fleece-lined Doggie Macs from £49.99 +P&P
– Summer Doggie Macs from £34.99 +P&P
– Matching draw-string bag £2.99

*Calculation based on the average dog having two baths per week with each bath using 10 litres of water and dogs on average being bathed twice a week.

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