Worlds most amazing dog tales

Dog Lovers Around the Globe are Talking About
Brad Barcly’s…
The World’s Most AMAZING Dog Tales
Brad had been hearing the odd story of what dogs are
reported to have done in service to their masters
over the years and was so impressed and fascinated
that he decided to research these “fairy tales” and
just had to publish the findings which go back more
than a thousand years and are supported by the most
reliable evidence and characters of the time.
The results found some 500 of the most touching heart
stopping thrilling, sagacious- yes a word we don’t often
hear these days, but whose meaning is so appropriate over
and over in this special slice of doggy history.
Brad is making this historic collection of canine
capers available in 5 ebooks, each carrying one
hundred of these fascinating tales. The first-new
part one edition of 62 pages can be downloaded from
Gripping and breathtaking stories that will hold it’s
readers spellbound and fascinated with the characters
of these wonderful friends of man! You will find it
hard to believe the intelligence shown by these loyal
and dedicated animals and dare I venture to suggest
….reasoning? See what those of the time had to say.
Whether you have a dog in your life or not your heart
will warm to the devotion of these loyal creatures.
Your Husband or Wife might leave you but your Dog won’t.
Stories Like:-
* The Dog That Reported and Identified a Murderer to the King
* A dog that travelled miles at night to find a man who was by
then in bed and took his trousers back to his master…WHY?
* The man who in a rage mistakenly killed his dog thinking
the dog had killed his son…..!!
A township in Wales was named from this experience!!

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